About Ray N.B

Hey there, good to know that you bothered to check out this section to find out more about me.

You can call me Ray.

I love to write. I can write about anything and everything. I write what I see, I write what I hear, I write what I hate, and I write what I love.

I’ve half a mind to pursue a career in journalism, I’ve another half to be a 9gagger. Okay, I can already taste the judgement. Just when I thought my future was a lost cause, my best friend told me to try blogging, and so here I am.

4th July, 2017. This day would be the day I made the first step to achieving what could be the start of something magical.

I wish to write, I wish to inspire. And to see the name Ray N.B printed on bestsellers someday.



My Corner

Writing is a passion. It’s something that sparks the flame in me. I never liked writing about myself, but I can try.

This could be an opportunity to reflect on life and to improve myself. My corner is a place where I could list out all the rights and wrongs in my life. Decisions, both good and bad, on display, a constant reminder so that I never repeat the same mistakes twice.

My Corner will be my library of memories, where each page would be potential story material for my future kids. Perhaps one day I would scroll back to where it all began, and live my life again, page to page.

Let there be laughter, let there be tears, and live life to the fullest. Life may be plain at times, but nothing can stop me from colouring it up!